The Web check-in is the latest advent that makes the air travel simpler. The process at airports is shortened with web check in by enabling the passengers to get the flight details through web check in. They provide complete details starting travel plane to obtaining boarding pass. With the web check in the passenger just have to present the print of the boarding pass at the check-in counter. The print out of the ticket can be obtained after completing the process of web check in online.

The passenger will be provide with the evidence of right to travel in the format of e-ticket via electronic means that can be printed with print option. Each airline provides numerous facilities over the web check in for the passengers such as seat selection, wheel chair assistance, flight booking details and so on. The web check in works similar to the airline employed staff at check-in counters desk of the airports. All that the passenger have to do is to, click on the appropriate link of the airlines website and fill in the required details.

The web check in pages are designed in a manner that secure the required information from the passenger. The data collected on these pages are processed to print in the format of the ticket. The web check in pages provide complete information and the required documents to be submitted for the confirmation of the booking. The passenger of that particular airlines should provided the necessary document by scanning them and then uploading it on to the website. The website will provide the confirmation along with the online boarding pass, which can be flashed at the airport check in counter. The web check in process start from the passenger tracking the flight to destination. The timing of the flight is update with complete schedule is presented by the service provider. All most all the airlines have adopted the web check in process for faster and easy travel.

With the booming competition in the aviation industry there are an increasing trend for streamlining the check-in processes, whereby the passengers are given bypass to reduce the time spending in queues at the staffed check-in counters at the airport. The traditional process involve long and tired process of waiting. The passengers can check in online before arriving at the airport with the help of concern airline’s self-service check-in options that gets displayed in almost all the devices.

Many airlines have a specific deadline for the passengers to get the web check-in before the flight timings.  Apart from the social networking services such as Google+ and Facebook also allow the users get the track of the flight despite the airlines one travel. It is been referred as self-reported positioning or web check in. These social network also allows the user to share their locations with their family and friends. They can also check in to a specific location via text messaging or by using a mobile application on their smart phone. These applications works on the phone’s GPS that helps to find the current location of the flight.

Many androids smart phones and other mobile applications have in built places button or tab wherein the user can check the list of nearby places before check in. The web check in has become advanced and user friendly making it a universal mechanism of travel with more and more successful features emerging out. The industry of aviation is shrinking to the palm with multiple online facilities and advanced web check in process that narrows the air travel times with simple and sustained mechanism.

The airlines strive to introduce an interactive web Check-In facility to increase the valued added customer’s friendly atmosphere. The functionality of web check in are designed to enhance customer convenience and provide a hassle free airport Check-In experience with web check in. These facilities are now available for departures and arrival to any part of the world at the personalized website of the any airline network. The websites are listed with complete details on the departure tab created with a customized drop down menu. The web check in process is simplified. The web Check-In are made available from 24 hours to 90 minutes before the departure time, depending upon that airline services that one has opted for travel.

Important Information that get displayed on the website of the airlines as a part of the web check in:


The airlines strive to ensure that the passenger pack the baggage in compliance with the security guidelines of the destined travel location. All existing terms and conditions on flight cancellation, baggage allowance for Checked in and other baggage rules that need to be followed are displayed on the web check in pages of the website.


The web check in provide E-learning articles for the safety and related aspects while air travel. How the packing should and should not be done whether packed in baggage or hand baggage. Restricted articles that should not be carried and any item of a similar consistency must be placed in a container with a capacity no greater than given capacity. They also specify that all the containers should fit comfortably in a transparent plastic bag of a defined dimension. These information are given to the customer on the website as a part of web check in details

Reaching Airport

The airlines provide the information on the time a passenger can start from your house to reach the airport. Which will make ample time for the passenger to board on the flight.  This is done after considering the traffic congestion along with the information on the mode of travel the passengers can use along with the baggage screening, check-in baggage, immigration and enhanced airport security measures time consumptions. Thus the airlines simplify your time management process via web check in process.

Documents Required

They are an important aspect of air travel. The web check in of the air travel website displays the documents need to be carried with the passenger. They act as a check list to the passengers to carry the required document. The list consist of checks like Photo ID issued from government authorities for domestic travel ,  Travel Documents such as passport, visa and the tickets purchased from the website of the airlines via web check in.


Passengers departing details are the vital part of web check in. The entire web check in page concentrates on the features of the departure details. Any airlines will ensure sufficient information is given to the passenger on the departure. Few airlines also provide instant SMS facilities and emails for updating the status of the flight navigation before and on travel. They also inform the passenger if the flight is on time or delayed.  

Boarding Gate

Boarding gate gets close before 30 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure. All the passenger have to do is to carry the online copy of the web check in details with them. With the minimal checking of the online copy they will be allowed for boarding the flight. Thus, the entire process is completely taken care by the web check in online facility of the concern airlines. Therefore the web check in is directed towards the reduction of the time spent in the airport.

Web check in advantages

If in case a passenger wish to change the travel plan in the end moment or is unable to report on time for the flight. With the help of offload facility of web check in one can cancel the flight or can call centre at the relevant airport office. All the passenger have to do is to enter the six-digit booking number on the ticket, that is typed as the ticket number on the Web check-in page of the airline website and then enter passengers booking details as request in the page and offload from the flight.

Further, the web check in also allows the passengers to book another flight at the same time and reserve a seat for the next travel. The web check in can be evidenced with the print out of the boarding pass. That can be use at the airport as web check-in proof which functions at the departure counter depending upon the destination to be traveled and airlines services used. 

The rules and regulation for web check-in are similar to that of the offline check in.  The passengers and validate the travel documents at the information panels in the departure halls that is indicated by the flight schedule. They are normally indicated with the flight number.

The web check-in for domestic flights is much faster, easier and swift via the websites of the airlines. The passenger will create and print their own boarding card by simply visiting the home page of the airlines and filling in the required information at the web check-in section. Once they arrive at the airport they can directly make a way to the departure lounge after showing boarding card and identity document. And consult the check-in staff regarding any baggage, if incase they are unable to take on board as hand baggage.

Online check-in is available from certain hours before departure of the flight. For the tickets purchased via the website of the airlines Call Center, agencies or airport sales offices stand as representative. This system also provides the passenger an opportunity to check in the connecting flights. The connecting flight and main flights are printed on the boarding cards, which is available for print in a single paper.

One can also carry out web check in via the internet on behalf of their friends and family, as long as they have the details their reservation number, name and surname.

While web check in via online facility the passenger can also select the seat they want on the airlines they are planning to fly. The seat selection can be done automatic with the check-in option that will select a seat for the passenger. If in case more than one person is travelling then they can purchase seats and check in on behalf of the passenger you have selected. Web check in also provide the option of seat selection. This way, you can make sure you all sit next to or near each other.

Web Check in is made simpler and convenient with web enabled check in that are accessible through smart phone. With web check in the passenger can select seats, manage baggage and receive boarding pass, all this is done before getting into the airport.

The web check involves easy ways:

Step 1: Filling the check in from on the website of the airlines at the manage booking tab

Step 2: Scheduling the departure details of your flight, along with seat selection

Step 3: Booking the connecting flights or return flight

Step 4: printing the boarding pass that appears after submitting the details and uploading the required documents.

Step 5: Submit the printed pass at the check in counter at least an hour before the flight timings.

Web check in simplify the journey with special assistance. All that the passenger have to possess is the booking reference and passport details. Few airlines also provide frequent flyer membership numbers, which is applicable to alive various discounts and offers of the airlines. This will be possible only if the passenger does web check in with the registration ID at the site of the airlines. Further the passenger can also upgrade the eligible flights.

The web check in process confirm the passenger’s presence on a flight with the typically printed boarding passes that appears on the screen post completion of the process. Depending on the carrier, flight and the specific destination travelled the passengers have to enter the details such as meal options, baggage quantities and select their preferred seating. All the details gets printed on the boarding passes.

These service are generally promoted by the airlines to passengers for making the air travel faster by making the passenger lesser time in the airport check-in counter. The passengers just need to perform certain minimal formalities with web check in. The enter process is directed towards the cutting down of the waiting time at the airport.  The web check-in of the flight is often available earlier than its counterpart process.

The passengers gets complete control over their travel with web check in system. The Airlines uses this system for more efficient way of operation with a greater ability to cope with the passenger services.  The web check in lessens the activity at the airport by saving airlines money and reducing passenger waiting times. Web check-in are increasingly becoming popular among the people for it’s convince and comfort given while booking.