Indigo Baggage Allowance

Indigo Airlines with its carriage for the passenger offers baggage allowance that are subjected to Indigo’s regulations related to Non-International carriage (Passenger and Baggage). These Regulations are of the year 1992. They are framed in accordance with the carriage of an Air Act, in the year 1972 and the notification are regarding to its application of carriage of non-international.

The liability of an InterGlobe Aviation Limited (“IndiGo”) are damaged to sustained in the event of death or wound with the customer who are bodily injured and for those who suffer with loss or damage by his or her registered baggage during the course of its carriage by air. The Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance is also governed by the provisions of sections 4.5.6 and rules that are contained within the second schedule of the carriage by Air Act. In the year 1972 certain exceptions, adaptations and modifications were made to this rule. That are notified in its notifications which is published by Ministry of Civil Aviation by Government of India, they also amended it from time to time. IndiGo reserves its right to vary, amend or alter for regulations any time without any prior notice of its liability.

IndiGo Airlines will recommends the passengers to pack with all care in case of medication, valuables and precious items like cameras, jewelry, money also of an electronics etc. Items which are of fragile or which are perishable that should be carried in a cabin baggage and which are not subjected to checking baggage. IndiGo Airlines not only accept any of its responsibility but also items are checked.

IndiGo Airlines assumes that there is no liability which are of wear and tear to the luggage (scratches, torn zippers, straps, wheels, handles, scuffs, dents soiling and of a manufacturer defects) or for any of its  unsuitable pack, perishable, damaged or fragile baggage, also for the water which is damaged and for non-waterproof Baggage.

Receipt are of without any complaint of baggage on termination with the journey shall be of a prima face with an evidence that baggages have been delivered correctly and which are in good conditions. As a customer who leaves the baggage will deliver in area without reporting to bag which is of missing or of a damaged IndiGo Airlines which represents it with all deemed and also receives  his or her bag correctly in good condition.

Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance allows the customers to carry with maximum of one piece of cabin baggage, which is also defined by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) with its guidelines.  Additional restriction on Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance are with maximum weight which should not be exceeding 8.0 kg and not exceeding with the length of 55cm,width 35cm, height 25cm is of total  115 cm in its size.

Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance allows the passengers with permit to carry one of its clear transparent baggage, which is of resalable liter also sized by its plastic bag which contain smaller quantities items that includes gels, liquid, pastes or items which are of similar consistency for the required duration of its journey. Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance contents are subjected to screening and are also of the security checks of the airlines. Due to the airport security regulations, no cabin baggage allowance are allowed on any of the flights.

The Government of India had prohibited mobile phones with usage on its board at all times. For safety reasons, infants who are under the age of 2, as of last date for travel cannot travel in their own seat and must be seated on adult’s lap. Infants who are not occupying the seats are subjected to fee of Rs 800 per sector which is of non-refundable are of inclusive of PSF and of Service Tax. Maximum one Infant are allowed as per adult. No baby, car seats or push chairs are allowed in the aircraft cabin. In Indigo Airlines Baggage Allowance are of no extra seats that may be booked for any Infants for which the age proof which is required.

An unaccompanied minors are  those whose age of 5 to 11 will be accepted for travel who are under the following conditions and the fee are of Rs 1000 for per sector. A parent or a guardian who are required to complete the signed indemnity at the point of check-in and during the departure prior to their travel. This includes details like name and the contact numbers of parent or guardian, who is supposed to meet the unaccompanied minor at the landing airport.

A valid photo ID should be provided for both the adult and minor and also of the parent who will pick up are required with their unaccompanied guardian. Who should also be at the required point of their check-in. The parent or the guardian must remain at the point of airport until the flight departs.