IndiGo APP Check-in

The convenience of the IndiGo APP Check-in facility and its process.

IndiGo is one of India’s largest passenger airline that offers over 1500 daily flights to 63 domestic and 24international destinations, along with 8 Code Share destinations on Turkish Airlines. This low-cost carrier (LCC) has carved a position for itself because of its low fares, customer-friendly services, and on-time operations, including numerous check-in options.

A comfortable in-flight experience is often associated with hours of standing in line to check-in, get through the security checks, and finally board. These experiences are tiresome for some passengers. But over the past few years, the digital transformation in the airline industry took on the challenge of improving customer experience and reducing the waiting time. Many airports and airlines are adopting self-service and new digital systems to streamline the boarding experience.

Indigo Airlines adopted the digital transformation and provided the IndiGo APP check-in facility for our passengers. And the passengers expressed their higher satisfaction with this APP check-in option. The reason is simple: Passengers want to control their trips by quickly completing all formalities and avoiding the line.

Once the passenger checks in through the app, they get the boarding pass before reaching the airport. The boarding pass includes a bar code that contains the reservation. Once the passenger reaches the airport, they can directly head for the security checkpoint, continue to the gate and board the flight.

Process of Indigo APP check-in:

Step 1: Download the app:

In order to check-in through the mobile application, you need to download the authentic Indigo – Flight Ticket Booking App. You can download the app from either the Google play store or App Store.

Step 2: Find Bookings:

Go to the check-in section in the app and navigate to the Find Bookings Tab. Enter your Email ID or Last name along with your PNR or Booking reference number to find your bookings.

Step 3: Select Passengers:

After finding your bookings, you will be displayed with the list of passengers traveling under the reference number. Select the name of the passenger for whom you are checking in. You also have the option to select all the passengers to check-in.

Step 4: Select Seats:

Now you will be displayed on the screen to select your seat. You should choose the seats for all passengers whom you have selected in the previous step. There are different seats according to the cost, including Premium XL seats, Premium Seats, and Regular Seats.

Step 5: Mandatory Health Declaration:

In this step, you will be requested to enter the Mobile number and email address of each passenger to email the Boarding Pass and the Bag tag details. It is obligatory to declare your health status and App check-in 48 hours to 60 min before flight departure. The boarding pass will be emailed only after the successful declaration of health status.

Step 6: Print your Boarding Pass:

After the successful declaration of your health status, the Boarding pass and the Bag tag details will be sent to the given email ID. The boarding pass contains the Bar code, which is scanned to confirm the check-in process once you reach the airport.

Things to remember while doing the Indigo App Check-in:

  • You need to have the valid and confirmed PNR or Booking Reference number for checking in.
  • The IndiGo App check-in can be done online for free 48 hours to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Remember, the check-in baggage should not be more than 15 kg, and the hand baggage should not be less than 7 kg.
  • If you have luggage, drop your check-in baggage at the airport’s bag drop counter. Otherwise, head straight for the security check.
  • The IndiGo App Check-in is the most popular option for checking in. So, make proper use of the facility in advance to get the desired seat.
  • Not all the seats are free as regular. Some seats are charged during the selection.
  • Not more than nine passengers per PNR with at most four segments can check-in online simultaneously.
  • Passengers who require special assistance, such as a wheelchair, are not allowed to check-in online.
  • Those who have booked the tickets under special categories, such as Senior Citizen, Unaccompanied Minors, Students, Armed Forces, etc., are not eligible for App check-in.
  • You are required to carry your Photo ID card for entering the airport.

It is desirable to reach the airport before the scheduled time to avoid any last-minute hassle.  Some other procedures need to be done at the airport, including the mandatory security check, Even though you have in hand the boarding pass after completing the Indigo App check-in process.

Besides, those with check-in baggage have to drop it at the counter before proceeding for a security check. Note that the departure gates close 25 minutes before the take-off, and hence, it’s better to reach 60-90 minutes before the scheduled departure time.