IndiGo Kiosk check-in

All you need to know about IndiGo Kiosk check-in:

IndiGo is an Indian low-cost airline, and it is the largest airline in India in terms of the number of passengers carried and fleet size, with a 59.24% domestic market share as of August 2020. The airline operates 1500 flights every day to 87 destinations, including 24 international and 63 domestic destinations. IndiGo has the responsibility to offer a convenient check-in facility for its vast number of passengers.

In recent times, most airlines have switched to self-service check-in kiosks. Even though gate agents are there to support you, you must check yourself in for the flight and print your boarding passes. IndiGo Kiosk Check-in is the most convenient way for passengers to check-in using the IndiGo’s Kiosks located at the airport’s front line from where passengers can select their preferred seats and print their boarding pass.

Process of Indigo Kiosk Check-in:

After you enter the airport and reach the front of your airline’s check-in line, you will see a row of kiosks that looks like a free-standing computer. Identify the kiosk that belongs to IndiGo airlines, and an employee will be available to help you to attach the bag tags and place your baggage on the conveyor belt. But you will first require to check-in for your flight with the kiosks.

Step 1: Find the Booking:

The kiosk will request you to identify yourself by entering the email address or last name along with the six-character PNR or Booking reference number in order to find your ticket bookings. You will also be provided with the clear and backspace buttons if you make a mistake.

Step 2: Confirm Flight information:

Now, you will be displayed with the screen that shows your name the air-travel schedule. You should then confirm your flight information by selecting the OK or the ENTER button on the screen.

Step 3: Select your seats:

You will be able to check and change the seat assignment in this step. You can select your preferred seat, and there are different seats available including, Premium XL seats, Premium seats, and regular seats. Extra charges may apply if you want to upgrade your seats from standard to premium.

Step 4: Indicate your baggage:

If you have checked-in for your flight online, you will probably be able to scan the printed boarding pass at the kiosk. After scanning your boarding pass, the kiosk will identify and begin with the luggage check-in process. You need to enter the number of baggage and press the ENTER or OK button to confirm.

Step 5: Dangerous goods and Restricted articles:

You should read and agree to the conditions to set up for flying with dangerous goods and restricted articles. If you have dangerous goods or restricted articles, you should declare them at this step. Because carrying these objects may be an offense and may result in prosecutions.

Step 6: Print and collect your boarding pass:

After completing all the steps mentioned above, at this stage, the kiosk should print your boarding pass or passes if you have connecting flights.

Things to remember while using Indigo Kiosk Check-in:

  • Before using the IndiGo Kiosk Check-in, make sure you have your PNR or Booking reference number as it is mandatory for the process.
  • Make sure to identify the kiosk that belongs to IndiGo airlines to prevent from wasting your time.
  • If you have swiped your credit card to identify yourself, then skip the seat upgrade option unless you really wanted to upgrade your seat.
  • After selecting the number of baggage either by directly entering the number or by touching the + and – buttons on the screen, you will need to confirm and verify that you will pay each bag’s fee. Use a credit card or prepaid debit card to pay the fees.
  • Do not carry dangerous goods and restricted articles like radioactive materials, explosives, weapons, corrosive substances, Misc hazardous goods, flammable liquids or solids, gases, toxic & Infectious substances, and power banks.
  • Only travel with baggage that belongs to you and do not accept baggage from others. Also, do not leave your bags unattended.

After printing your boarding pass, the customer service representative will identify you and place your bags on the scale. He / She will check your ID, tag your bags, and put the bags on the conveyor belt. You will then be directed to the gate by the customer service representative, and the gate information is also present in your boarding pass. If your bags are weight, consider using curbside check-in, where you will need to pay the regularly checked bag fee for each piece of luggage.