IndiGo Mobile check-in

The complete process of IndiGo Mobile check-in:

IndiGo airlines are one of the largest carriers in India, with a market share of 55.5 % as of October 2020. IndiGo primarily operates in India’s domestic air travel market as a low-cost carrier, focusing on their three pillars – offering low fares, delivering a courteous & hassle-free experience, and being on-time.

Since its inception in August 2006, it had grown from a carrier with one plane to a fleet of 250 aircraft today. It has a uniform fleet for each type of operation, an award-winning service, and high operational reliability making it one of the world’s most reliable airlines.

IndiGo has introduced the Mobile check-in service to make the check-in process simple for its massive number of passengers. Whether it is IndiGo Mobile check-in or web check-in, the passengers can easily check-in in just a few minutes.

IndiGo Mobile check-in service is widely used by passengers to avail of enough check-in time window to do seat selection, check-in baggage, and even order special meals. This, in turn, helps passengers to relieve from the long queues at the airport and thus, save their time and effort. IndiGo mobile check-in process begins 48 hours in advance of the scheduled departure, and passengers can check-in any time up to 1 hour before the domestic flight departure. It is mandatory to do online check-in either through a web application or mobile application as a precaution for COVID-19 issues.

Process of Indigo Mobile check-in:

Step 1: Download the app:

In order to check-in through the mobile application, you need to download the authentic Indigo – Flight Ticket Booking App. You can download the app from either the Google play store or App Store for both Android and IOS devices.

Step 2: Find Bookings:

You can find the Check-in tab on the menu. After clicking on the check-in section and selecting the Find Bookings Tab, you can enter your Email ID or Last name along with your PNR or Booking reference number to find your bookings.

Step 3: Select Passengers:

After finding your bookings, you will be displayed with the list of passengers traveling under the reference number. Select the name of the passenger for whom you are checking in. You also have the option to select all the passengers to check-in.

Step 4: Select Seats:

Now you will be displayed on the screen to select your seat. You should choose the seats for all passengers whom you have selected in the previous step. There are different seats according to the cost, including Premium XL seats, Premium Seats, and Regular Seats.

Step 5: Mandatory Health Declaration:

In this step, you will be requested to enter the Mobile number and email address of each passenger to email the Boarding Pass and the Bag tag details. It is obligatory to declare your health status and App check-in 48 hours to 60 min before flight departure. The boarding pass will be emailed only after the successful declaration of health status.

Step 6: Print your Boarding Pass:

After the successful declaration of your health status, the Boarding pass and the Bag tag details will be mailed to the given email ID. The boarding pass contains the Bar code, which is scanned to confirm the check-in process once you reach the airport.

Things to remember while doing the Indigo Mobile Check-in:

  • You should understand that the IndiGo mobile check-in process begins 48 hours before and continues up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Infants, wheelchair-bound, and unaccompanied minor travelers cannot avail of this online facility.
  • The passengers who are flying internationally cannot avail the mobile check-in service.
  • If you are flying in a large group, then you cannot avail for Indigo Mobile Check-In. If you have more than nine passengers in your group booking on a single booking reference or PNR, then you are required to mandatorily check-in at the airport check-in counter.
  • You can use Indigo Mobile Check-In only when you have a PNR number or confirmed reserved booking reference number.
  • The ticket booking can be canceled up to 2 hours earlier than departing after checking in through a mobile application. In this case, you are required to contact the IndiGo customer care number, as the cancellation cannot be made online. 
  • Note that the carrier has the right to deny you entry into the flight if there is a discrepancy in the mandatory documents or boarding pass details.
  • Remember, the check-in baggage should not be more than 15 kg, and the hand baggage should not be more than 7 kg.